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efficpool offers a high-quality tested product. It is built with materials selected for the types of water used in swimming pools and aquatic facilities. efficpool filters offer you the peace of mind of being in good hands.

Yes, the efficpool filters are fully compatible with all types of pools. In fact, efficpool is the most suitable system for swimming pool renovations. Its small size allows it to be accessed through the existing doors and it occupies 75% less space than conventional filters.

Yes, efficpool PRO can monitor all the water treatment equipment. In addition, it includes as standard electronic flow meters for supply and recirculation and frequency inverters for the filtration pumps, and it manages the chemical treatment pump.

The efficpool PRO system is totally autonomous. It manages the filter, adapts the filtration flow to the occupation of the pool in real time, optimizes electricity consumption and adjusts the quality of the filtering.

Yes, it is perfectly feasible. Many old facilities use regenerative filtration to renovate their pools, making them sustainable and efficient.

Regenerative filtration offers 100% use of the filter medium without the need for backwashing.

Regeneration takes place automatically inside the filter every 4 hours without the need for intervention or supervision.

The time invested by the staff of the facility in maintaining the filters is therefore considerably reduced.

It is not necessary to backwash the filter medium. This represents a great saving in new water, in not having to deal with the water that would be used in the backwash and in not having to heat the new water in heated pools. It also offers savings of the product for chemical treatment of the new water supplied.

efficpool filters are manufactured with stainless steel and other materials that can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life.

efficpool filters considerably reduce water and energy consumption. They occupy a minimum space in the filter room.

The regeneration system is carried out every 4 hours (configurable) of continuous filtration.

This process is completely automatic and lasts 5 minutes.

The efficpool PRO system allows the pool water to continue to recirculate during the regeneration without affecting users, and it maintains the disinfection active

Like most filter media, perlite gets dirty, so to extend its useful life, the filter performs automatic regeneration. When the regeneration has just been carried out, the head loss decreases again, lengthening the useful life of the perlite until the saturation reaches 100%. At this time the perlite must be replaced.

Installations that are used little or have a low load of organic matter to be filtered can go for several months without replacing the perlite.

However, facilities such as spas with a high number of bathers saturate the perlite in weeks. The average frequency of perlite replacement is 4 weeks. This seems like a very short time compared to the average of 6 years for flint and 12 years for glass (approx. twice as long as flint).

However, the cost of perlite, added to the cost of the replacement process, means that replacement is cheaper even if it is done every 4 weeks.

Performing a change of perlite in an efficpool filter is very simple and requires no tools. efficpool filters have everything necessary for the process to be carried out quickly and safely. The process usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the capacity of the filter.

Perlite filters are very efficient. For a filtration of 125 m3/h in a conventional filter, a 2000 mm diameter filter could be used with a capacity of 4800 kg for flint or 4200 kg for glass, whereas in a regenerative perlite filter only 15 kg of perlite would be needed.

The expanded perlite used by efficpool filters preserves the original qualities of the natural mineral. It is chemically neutral, inert to atmospheric agents and the passage of time, non-combustible, non-toxic, insoluble and non-hygroscopic. However, if the place where it is handled is not ventilated, wearing a mask is recommended.

Filters are the part of the pool that accumulate the most organic matter, so even if they are backwashed, dirt and biofilm can accumulate inside them.

If the filter medium is replaced every 4 weeks, in this short space of time no biofilm can be generated and no dirt can accumulate that can be transmitted to the filtered water. The combined chlorine of chlorine-treated facilities is therefore reduced.

Filters are optionally available to retain the perlite, so that it can be removed periodically (generally annually). Perlite is an inert mineral of volcanic origin. As it is a very versatile, it can be processed with minimal environmental impact. It can be treated through a WWTP just like flint.

Perlite is an abundant material on our planet. It is a mineral that occurs in nature, and it has the unusual property of expanding greatly when subjected to a temperature above 800ºC. Perlite is used in many applications, and there are manufacturers and distributors in all countries.

Regeneration is the action that allows the filter medium to increase its capacity to retain filtered matter. This regenerative action consists of destructuring the filter layer (also called cake) to restructure it so that it can retain more filtered matter. In the case of the technology patented by Efficpool, it consists of a vibration + cyclonic cleaning, the vibration is applied to the candles that support the cake and causes the destructuring of this cake, the cyclonic cleaning that we call the “vortex” effect, consists of a cyclonic movement of the water inside the filter that cleans the candles with the same filter material (perlite). This set of actions guarantees the complete regeneration of the regenerative medium, which in the case of the Efficpool filter, is perlite and is what really influences the efficiency of the perlite filter.

The Efficpool filter regeneration system (vibrator + vortex) is fully integrated into the filter, it does not require jet pumps, blower pumps, compressors, or other elements that are already integrated directly into the filter cylinder for filtration. and regeneration.

We hope that this FAQ has helped you to answer your queries. If not, please let us know so that an efficpool technician can resolve them.

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