regenerative filtration

A system based on sustainability and energy efficiency for better quality and management of the pool

regenerative filter

efficpool is a perlite regenerative filtration system, which is characterized by its filtration capacity of candelas of up to 1 micron sense against the income requirement. It offers exceptional water quality, along with significant savings in water consumption, energy, chemicals and installation space.

efficpool is a product aligned with industry 4.0, which offers the possibility of installation monitoring, intelligent control and remote access to the installation, providing maximum performance in terms of efficiency and sustainability in the system. pool filtration/purification.

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Regenerative filtration:

· Retention of particles up to 1μm
· Retention of 99.9% of protozoa including cryptosporidium.
· Reduction of chloramines.
· Increase in water transparency.
· 90% reduction in water consumption.
· 50% less energy consumed.
· 75% less space required.
· 30% less chemicals.
· Reduction of filter maintenance time.
· Does not need (or admit) flocculant.

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Monitoring, control and remote access:

Regenerative filter monitoring

· Device integration
· Installation monitoring.
· Control and automation of processes.
· Filtration and treatment optimization.
· Remote access to the installation.
· Web application for users.
· Mobile application for users.

Parallel mounting possibilities, unlimited

Mounting options for the regenerative filter

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Example of a monitored control cabinet
+ Regenerative filter

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Unlimited parallel configuration possible

Regenerative filtration up to 1μm

Efficpool has a design for the pool sector for collective use, in addition to a small spa, Olympic pool or water park. The main feature of the system lies in the filtration of the pool water, which is carried out through a regenerative filtration system that uses special perlite for filtering.

This filter medium is a volcanic mineral, harmless and abundant, treated at more than 800ºC in temperature and expanded 10 times its original size, with a filtration capacity of up to 1 micron, between 20-30 times greater than traditional flint filtration systems. i glass. This translates into extraordinary water quality, exceptional transparency and much healthier, generating more comfort along with associated savings in the filtration and disinfection of pool water.

Main advantages:

· Particle retention up to 1μm
· Retention of cryptosporidium
· Retention of 99.9% protozoa
· Reduction of chloramines
· Increased water transparency
· Elimination of biofilm generation
· Improves UV disinfection operation
· Reduction of chemical product consumption

Efficiency, sustainability
and quick return

Regenerative filter efficiency

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Savings in water consumption

The efficpool filtration system is characterized by not needing filter backwashes, significantly reducing the water consumption associated with pool filtration. This is due to the regeneration capacity and useful life of the filter medium, where the system is capable of automatically managing the renewal of pool water. It translates into more comfort, reduction of time spent on filter maintenance and significant savings on the water bill.

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Savings in ENERGY consumption

The filtration system efficpool offers a Significant energy savings in pool filtration and air conditioning. The operation of the filters allows the optimization and management of filtration speeds automatically, thus optimizing filtration and filter load until the end of the useful life of the filter medium. In heated pools, the reduction of renewed water also offers significant savings in the air conditioning and heating of the new pool water, translating into an associated saving in energy consumption.

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Savings on chemicals

Efficpool filtration systems offer savings in the consumption of products for disinfection and stabilization of pool water. It is due to the high filtration capacity compared to traditional filtration systems, thus offering water of extraordinary quality with lower consumption of chemical products. The reduction in water consumption for backwashing also represents significant savings in the disinfection and stabilization of pool renewal water.

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Reduction of installation space

One of the main advantages of the efficpool filtration system is the reduction in space associated with the installation
of equipment. Thanks to the high filtration area capacity, reducing volume and space compared to traditional filtration systems. This makes the efficpool filtration system ideal in the case of facility renovation, where in most cases we find ourselves with access and installation space limitations.

Operation and maintenance

Regenerative filter operation and maintenance

Perlite regenerative filtration systems have an absorption capacity 20-30 times greater than traditional systems. This is due to advanced filtration technology via membrane collectors where the filter medium adheres and regenerates automatically. By design, the filter medium has an average autonomy of up to 4 weeks, depending on the bath load and characteristics of the installation. During this period it is not necessary to carry out any type of action on the plant, significantly reducing the time associated with maintenance and washing of filters.

The efficpool filtration system is characterized by its autonomy in the filtration of pool water, carrying out the filtration and regeneration cycles automatically. The system itself offers the possibility of managing water renewal according to the quality of the pool water, as well as adjusting and optimizing filtration speeds autonomously, optimizing the filtration load and useful life of the filter medium. In this way, the efficpool system provides control of the pool purification system at all times, without the need to perform any type of action or maintenance until the filter medium is saturated.

Maintenance tasks in regenerative filtration systems are mainly associated with the renewal of the filter medium. Once the saturation of the medium is reached,
the system emits a warning signal, at which point the medium is renewed. The renewal of the filter medium can be carried out with a single operator and with an operating duration of a few minutes. During this time, the new filter medium is emptied,
washed and recharged through a vacuum transfer system. Once this task has been completed, the installation can be put back into operation, where this procedure will not be carried out again until the filter medium is saturated again.

Product line

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Efficpool has been designed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency in communal pools, offering a wide range of models, nominal sizes and materials, available in different levels of monitoring, control and remote access.

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efficpool BASIC*

Filtration system with basic control panel for the management and operation of the filtration system. The filtration equipment has all the necessary elements for installation, operation and maintenance. It does not include monitoring, control and remote access to the installation.

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efficpool PRO*

Filtration system with control panel
monitored for the intelligent management of all points and devices in the pool, reporting the status and efficiency of the system in real time. Includes monitoring panel, intelligent control of the installation, control of recirculated water and new water. Pressure sensor.

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efficpool PRO VFD*

Filtration system with control panel
monitored and remote access to the installation. This option includes all the systems of the PRO version and adds the VFDs, frequency converters for the filtration pumps, and programming so that the pumps regulate their speed based on the occupancy of the pool in real time.

Monitoring, control and remote access

Regenerative filter monitoring

El sistema efficpool PRO permite centralizar toda la parametrización del sistema de depuración de la piscina de manera que nos informa de la eficiencia y estado de la instalación en tiempo real. The system allows you to easily and efficiently manage all the information about the installation, whether it is the status of filters, hydraulics, water quality, consumption or any other information from the installation. Access to the system can be done from the same device or through an internet connection, which can be consulted in real time through value tables, graphs, histories and alarms, among many other options.

The efficpool PRO VFD system offers intelligent control of the installation to optimize all points of the pool, as well as automatically adjust and operate all connected devices. The system allows the filtration speed to be adapted through frequency converters on a programmed basis or based on the activity of the pool in real time, that is, it automatically recognizes the volume of bathers and adapts the filtration flow to increase it or decrease it. All of this automatically in order to guarantee the best quality according to the activity of each installation.

The efficpool PRO programming is programmable, to be able to connect other devices or parameters according to the requirements of each installation.

The efficpool PRO system can be complemented at any time with the efficpool app, converting the PRO system into a PRO-i system. The PRO-i system makes it easier for the director or person responsible for the installation to access the information of the efficpool system through the efficpool web platform, being able to create several user profiles, limiting the system information, consulting graphs, histories, etc.

The PRO-i system also offers the director or person in charge of the installation, the option to enable the efficpool app for bathing users, Through the app, enabled users can check the status of the pool and any other information that the facility manager wishes to provide, whether water quality, closure notices for maintenance, vacations, etc.